[References in poem: Him – God, You – My Grandfather, Her – My Grandmother]

You died,
we all cursed Him and cried.
That night,
there was fire but no light.
Her face,
emotions were in a race.
Still, laughed,
she looked at me and coughed.
In pain,
the situation butchered my brain.
My heart,
just lost a precious part.
I fumbled,
my whole world crumbled.
Even tear,
left me crying in fear.
Now what,
who will rescue my dying gut?
Lying there,
didn’t you even care?
Became colder,
your body rode my shoulder.
Got burned,
our love is what you earned
and bones,
how will I ever repay you loans?
I know,
You would say, “Oh little kid! you will grow”.


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