Known World

I was lost in dream so deep that I couldn’t feel the light caressing my eyes,
I woke up floating in a bowl filled with tears of my happiness,
I wanted to leave the bowl and explore whole new world I was in,
This world was full of known architectures and familiar faces,
Yet I was unknown to this world,
they were trying to read my face as if I am some alien to their world,
I tried to convince them but they were still staring at me like a lion stares at deer,
I started avoiding them but they were running all over my eyes,
So I started running as fast as I could but they have already mastered swimming in that air,
Suddenly I realized my eyes were and my heart was pumping faster than it ever had,
I want to go back to that world again where I could learn how to fly in steamy air and swim in frozen water.


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